Any person who is unhappy with a reading must speak up and end it within the first 5 minutes of the reading to get a refund.  Once a reading has gone longer than 5 minutes, no refunds will be given.

Healing Sessions

We have experienced and educated practitioners available for Spiritual & Shamanic healing, Reiki, Acupuncture & other types of Energy healing, as well as Western Nutritional Herbalism:

At a crossroads in your life?

+ Consider it an opportunity for perspective and transformation. We’re here to provide insight and assistance for your unique journey.


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Readings and healings aren’t just for when we’re troubled.

+ Our sessions are a fun way to peak under the hood of reality.  Amazing confirmations and physical manifestation make it feel like the universe is alive and winking at us!


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We’re down-to-earth, but our decor is like stepping into an enchanted forest. The quality of your session is what counts, but as practitioners we understand that the right atmosphere helps us experience wonder.


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Classes + Events

Guided meditations, Psychic Development, Energy Healing circles, Seances, Vision Quests, and more.
Our practitioners offer classes, sacred ceremonies, and healing circles.

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Divination Tools

Tarot & oracle decks, pendulums, crystals, runes, metaphysical books, and more.
Available downstairs at The Green Man Shoppe & Apothecary.

Shop & Apothecary

The Green Man is owned and staffed by practitioners who are committed to sharing their space with uniquely talented individuals. We envisioned a space where experienced practitioners from many different paths could offer their diverse services to our growing community.


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We share our insights and musings in our blog: Around the Table


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