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Meet Oscar!

 Oscar Galvan is our newest addition!  Read about him here: ... Read More >

Communing with Spirits Part 2

***This is part 2 of Hovik's series on Communing with Spirits.  Part 1 can be found here.You set up your altar, bought the candles, cleansed, and invoked the spirits of your gods. Now what? ... Read More >

Introducing Ashley!

Ashley is our new Astrologer!  She is adept in Western Tropical Astrology, Modern Tropical, Western Sidereal, Hellenistic, Evolutionary and Mundane Astrology, and Hindu Astrology (Jyotish), also ... Read More >

Communing with Spirits by Hovik

Communing with Spirits: The Care and Maintenance of Spirits by Hovik When you begin to open up your psychic abilities and journey into the realm of spirit, you bet you will be ... Read More >

How to Meditate by Hovik

How do you meditate?A question that comes up rather frequently working at the shop is folks asking us how to meditate and connect with spirits. Usually it is followed up with “I’ve been sitting ... Read More >

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