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Psychic Readings in Los Angeles

We offer psychic readings in Los Angeles, over the phone and online (via Skype). Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended. NOTE: due to the pandemic, all readings are by phone or online until further notice.

If you’re looking for a particular type of reading we offer a variety:

+Tarot +Mediumship (connect with deceased persons)+Palmistry +Numerology +Tea-leaf reading +Coffee-grounds reading+Intuitive reading+Pendulums +Channeling (connect with guides and divine beings) +Psychometry

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Healing Sessions

We have a diverse group of healers with an impressive list of modalities (healing techniques). All of our modalities are holistic, meaning that they work with the interconnectedness of body, mind, energy and spirit. Through that connection we find a technique that focuses on one area can beneficially influence all aspects of your health and your life.

Energy Healing focuses on the energy field of the body and may include balancing, channeling and cleansing of energy. Spiritual Healing focuses upon your spirit as well as your spiritual guides and spiritual path. Alternative Medicine is for modalities that work upon the physical body and brain. These categories are imperfect and there is much crossover due to their Holistic nature.


Give us a call at +1(818)985-2010 during business hours if you’re having a specific problem and aren’t sure which healing techniques or practitioners would be a good fit.

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Classes, Events & Private Lessons

Want to learn how to give psychic readings? Looking to develop your “second sight” and spiritual gifts? Interested in studying metaphysical healing or traditional spiritwork? Many of our practitioners are also teachers and share their experience and insight in classes, meditations, and sacred ceremonies. There is also a monthly healing circle for Reiki practitioners. Check out Our Calendar for upcoming events.

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Be sure to save time before or after your appointment to browse our selection of book, crystals, divination tools, tarot decks and much more downstairs at The Green Man Shoppe & Apothecary.

Many of our teachers are also willing to share the same information they offer in classes and rituals as private lessons and spiritual exploration. Please specify that you are looking for private lessons when book your appointment as not all of our practitioners offer this service.

Clergy Services & Magical Services

In need of a sacred ceremony or rite of passage? We have ordained clergy available for weddings, funerals, sainings, coming-of-age, cronings and other rites. Psychic Readings and Metaphysical Healing Sessions may include spiritual advisement or instruction. However, if you are looking specifically for religious counsel or advisement from a clergy person, priest, priestess, or elder of Alternative Spirituality Traditions (Old Ways, New Age and a few paths inbetween) then please view Our Clergy.

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We offer a variety of in-house spellcraftings and rites including candle dressing as well as charm and mojo bag crafting. We also have practitioners available for magical outcall services such as space or house cleansings, warding, and entity removal.  Ghostbusters! Seriously though, we handle spirits with dignity and respect… who ya gonna call?

These services are outlined at:

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