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Psychic Reading Methods: Beyond Tarot

Psychic Reading Methods: Beyond Tarot


The reader uses Tarot cards to interpret an answer to a question. The cards can be read strictly by the classical meaning of each card and where it is positioned in a particular spread, or the cards can be used as a tool for intuitive readings.


Some readers use no tools, but only intuition to give a reading of information from spirit guides, either the reader’s or yours, or to state what the reader sees or is being drawn to tell you symbolically in reply to a question.  Some do use tools to help clarify the information that they are receiving, such as cards, stones, runes, bones, personal items, etc.  Clairvoyance: “clear seeing,” Clairaudience: “clear hearing”, Clairsentience: “clear knowing” in which smells and tastes may also come up.


A term used to describe readers who speak to those who have passed on.  This can be particularly helpful for those who need closure due to a sudden death of a loved one. The reader will act as a transmitter/interpreter for the one who has passed beyond the veil.


A bones reading is usually very unique to the individual reading them. Sometimes the reader is using actual animal bones and other small items of significance.  They are often tossed onto a cloth or even onto Tarot cards to help give the reader more depth of understanding of a situation or question.


Using the lines in your hands, the reader will interpret life challenges set in your current path.  Your palm is often seen as a good “map” of your life and of areas that may need taken care of or addressed.  The lines in one’s hands do change, just not always very swiftly.


Using either tea leaves, coffee grounds, wax, a crystal ball, etc. the reader will interpret the images that they see, often using intuition as well as knowledge of symbolism.


The reader will hold an item of importance and be able to see the story of where the item has been or who has used it.  Psychometry can used as a tool to see further into the person the item belonged to.

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