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Beyond Reiki Healing in Los Angeles: Alternative Healing Methods

You may be familiar with the Reiki healing in Los Angeles that The Green Man offers, but did you know our staff is trained in a variety of other techniques?

Reiki: a Japanese system of hands-above or hands-on healing using universal energy channeled through the healer.  Many of our healers are Reiki Masters, but they all  go beyond traditional Reiki into their own ways of using energy to heal.

Energetic clearing and balancing/Chakra balancing:  The removal of stuck or stagnant energy from physical and etheric body.   After the clearing, there is a rebalancing and vitalizations of your energy centers (chakras).  Healers may use sounds, vibrations, crystals, or other tools as well as pure energy.

Acupuncture/Acupressure: Tradional Chinese medicine.  The use of very thin needles (Acupuncture) or the practitioner’s hands (Acupressure) on specific areas of blocked energy on the body.

Ancestral Healing and Redemption:  The intentional connection with our Ancestors to learn what they have to teach us, and to give them healing energy, love, and acceptance.   When we help our Ancestors, the whole lineage receives the grace, changes are manifest in your life in the here and now.

Herbalism & Aromatherapy:  Using herbs and essential oils to support your energetic systems and bring about balance and awareness.

Root Work, Root Doctoring, Egg Cleansings: traditional conjure practices to cleanse your energy, remove obstacles, and reverse bad luck.

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