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Sigil Magic: Manifestation of Will Through Art

Sigil Magic: Manifestation of Will Through Art

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I have worked with sigils of various kinds my entire magical practice. I first want to explain what exactly a sigil is before diving further into sigil magic.

Now, a sigil for me is an abstract representation of a thought form that I have condensed down to its core pieces. This can be anything from taking a sentence and breaking it down and fusing the letters together to using personal as well as universal symbols to convey a particular energy. I also incorporate various magical and mundane symbols into my sigil work in order to give it more energy. Some people feel that sigil making is hard to do and only for those who are truly artistic. That couldn’t be further from the truth; I am no artist and I have created some potent sigils that are basically a couple of lines crossed and dashed. Now of course as time has gone by my sigils have become a little more artistic, but that comes with time and practice.

I want to now explain my process for creating a sigil. The first thing I do is of course figure out what exactly I am looking to achieve. This usually starts off with notes that I slowly condense down into one sentence. Once I get the sentence down I quickly doodle some simple images and shapes associated with the goal I wish to achieve. I do that before tackling the sentence because I just find it easier to see the whole and take from there. Anyway, I then go and cross off any extra letters that repeat in the sentence and separate the consonants and the vowels. Next, I try and basically fuse the consonants together to form a shell and the vowels to form the essence. Then I marry the two together and use the simple shapes and symbols from earlier to help me out. This part generally takes the longest time, but that’s part of the fun I feel. Some folks find it stressful, but I always say its not gonna matter in the end because it needs to mean something to you and not to anyone else. After I’m satisfied with what I’ve got, I go in and tweak it and clean it up. Maybe erase some extra lines or add flourishes. Sometimes I turn the sigil around and see if I can’t change it up and make it look cooler. Finally, I put it aside and completely forget about it. When creating a sigil, you are basically making a spirit. You have to let it mature so to speak. I come back after a time and take another look at it. Am I satisfied? Sometimes the sigil inspires me, and I come up with something totally different and toss out the work from before. I call this part of the process the mad artist stage.

In terms of activating your sigil, there are many ways to do this. The simplest way is to blow onto your sigil and then leave it in a special place to do the work. Some people like to also burn their sigils or even create pieces of jewelry or art with them. The most important thing in terms of knowing whether or not your sigil is good or not besides it working of course is when it truly no longer is trapped within the constraints of the mundane world and becomes an expression of art and beauty. That’s when the magic of it will take flight. Remember to keep record of your sigils so you can go back and use them again if you feel the need. Of course the nature of sigil work is for it to be used only once then destroyed in the activation.

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