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“Intuitive direction. Clarity of perception.”

Clairaudient/Clairvoyant | Tarot | Intuitive Muse

Since early childhood, Kellie Sue has been able to “see” where lost objects are — enough to describe the lost item’s surroundings to her friends or friends of friends, so that they may be found. As an intuitive, she uses the sight to “see” and assist people in finding themselves when they’re feeling lost or off track, so that they can find their footing again.

In her words, “We live in a time of infinite stimulation in finite bodies. It’s crucial that we accomplish our purposes/our mission within whatever time we have here. As an intuitive, I help people gain a deeper sense of that mission, and ways to stay focused and on track. Using The Tarot as a guide, I listen intently to both my Spirit Guides and those of the person in front of me for the most clear and direct information.

As a reader, my intention is to establish for my client a calm, balanced approach to her or his goal. If we’re going to live our biggest, most authentic lives, we can no longer leave ourselves out of the equation. My clients walk away with a sense of direction, peace, and a deeper intuitive, balanced perspective on where they’re at and how to arrive at their desired destination.”

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