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Psychic Reader in Los Angeles: Introducing Heather Lawrence

Heather Lawrence psychic reader in los angeles


Ever since Heather was a child, she was always able to “read” people.  Everyone always sought out Heather’s intuitive advice.  Most people that know her would say “she just knows.”  Heather reads from a regular playing card deck; for her it is easy to see the whole picture of your current situation and give you an accurate reading.

“I shuffle the question into the cards.  Once I ask the question, the cards or spirit tells me to stop shuffling, and I lay out the whole deck.  This is were the “magic” happens!  The cards lay out to me like a storyboard, putting all the characters in place.  From there it paints a picture for me of the scenarios going on around the client.   I describe what I see, and spirit or whoever I hear as just a thought comes in for me to relay a message to the client.”

About Heather Lawrence

Heather is following in the tradition of Cartomancy, which is a cousin to Tarot, which provides multiple angles to a particular situation.  By using ... Read more

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