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Love Magick just in time for Valentine’s Day by Shana

Love Magick just in time for Valentine's Day by Shana

Love Magick just in time for Valentine’s Day by Shana

Love is in the air and everyone is hoping to get struck by Cupid’s arrow. Love magick is popular any day of the year but I feel like this time of year makes it a little more sought after. The trick to casting a successful love spell is to make sure that you are feeling yourself. When we feel smart, sexy, likeable and basically just beautiful inside and out, we start to vibrate at the correct level to attract what we are looking for in life. Let’s keep in mind that while I am talking about attracting a lover or partner in crime, that philosophy can really be applied to any time of manifesting work. Attracting a companion can energetically be parallel to attracting success, friendship, money, etc…
Below is a spell for a little bit of bathroom magick that I am sharing with you in honor of Valentine’s Day. This spell is great for the romantic holiday or any other day of the week when you need to boost that self image, radiate beauty or stand out in someone’s mind.

Beauty Bath

Infuse your bath water with magic to draw out beauty, sexual energy and make you more eye catching. Add some extra candles and this bath makes for sensual experience to share with your significant other.

You will need:

· 1 cup Goat’s Milk (almond or coconut milk make wonderful vegan substitutes)

· Jasmine Flowers

· Fresh Rose Petals

· Eyebright

· Damiana

· A Small White Candle

Make an infusion with the Jasmine and Damiana in boiling water. Let the mixture steep until the infusion begins to give off a nice aroma. Strain the herbs out of the water and set them aside.

Draw your bath water just a touch hotter than you would normally prefer it. Add in the goat’s milk and herbal infusion, stir clockwise to combine the tubs contents. Float the rose petals on top of the water when the water becomes still once more.

Place the candle on a heat resistant plate near the bathtub and sprinkle a small amount of jasmine flowers and eye bright around the base of the candle. Light the candle just before you step into the bath.

Get into the tub, submerging your entire body. Relax your mind and body and allow yourself to see a vision of yourself giving off beautiful and sexual energy while seeing a deep pink light wrap itself like a vine around your body. Scrub yourself head to toe with the water.

When the water begins to cool, pull the plug and drain the bathtub before taking a shower as normal.

Take the rose petals and herbs from the infusion and give them back to the earth by throwing them into your garden or nearby plant outside.

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