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Year of the Dog 2018 by Ashley

Chinese New Year 2018 Year of the DogThe Chinese New Year of the Dog, is ushered in on February 16th, 2018, coming at an advantageous time of change. Directly following Valentine’s Day, we have the Solar Eclipse occurring in Aquarius on the 15th at 1:04pm PST.

Eclipses bring shifts in our life circumstances; be it for the good or the bad, it is always a necessary function in order to grow and move forward in life. Sometimes these changes are interpreted as sudden or unexpected; however, most likely, they are the result of a longer-term underlying energy that has come to a culminating point of manifestation. Simply stated, lunar eclipses bring closure and solar eclipses bring beginnings. Whatever house the eclipse occurs in your particular astrological chart, will bring change concerning the themes of that house, and any other planetary body occupying or aspecting that house. It would be in your best interest to know this, or at least be aware of the energetic focal point occurring in your life, to maximize the most from this solar eclipse transit.
Eclipses happen twice a year, and they come in pairs two weeks apart. The lunar eclipse is the operation of the full moon next to the lunar nodes, whereas the solar eclipse is the new moon next to the lunar nodes. The karmic lunar nodes in Vedic Astrology are referred to as Rahu and Ketu. For ease of reference, they are included as 2 of the 9 planets, but more accurately astronomically speaking, they are shadow points on the ecliptic plane of the path of the sun which cause eclipses.
Historically, when the Sun was eclipsed, the ancient seers took this as a time where the ones in power fall from grace. This can be a small stumble, or tumble off the throne. Solar eclispes were not good omens for the King (the Sun) and the kingdom (the Moon). Therefore, it is not fortuitous in the philosophy of Vedic Astrology to look at a lunar or solar eclipse. Go within. Go within your house. Go within yourself.
The Solar Eclipse on the 15th is in the lunar mansion of Dhanishta Nakshatra at 3 degrees, and one minute within the Solar sign of Aquarius. 
In the Los Angeles Chart, the Solar Eclispe will happen above the horizon, therefore it will be a visible event, but since it is a partial eclipse, the majority of the sun will still be visible. To reiterate, it is it not advised to look at an eclipse. The energy will be powerful enough for everyone to feel, especially those who sensitive to energy. At the exact time of this celestial event, the Sun and Moon will be in the 9th house for LA and the west-coast, with Gemini rising over the ascendant – horizon line. The 9th house qualities will be impacted at this time, which are succinctly: philosophy, belief systems, spiritual affiliations, religious organizations, foreign culture, justice systems, higher courts, laws, authority figures and leaders, as well as hope, luck, and the grace from Divine Spirit. Our city will be getting a re-vamp in these areas. You may want to look into how it will affect you personally, though this will be the collective backdrop.
The Solar Eclipse happening in the lunar sign of Dhanishta Nakshatra gives the essence of quality communication. This lunar mansion is between 23.2 degrees Capricorn and 6.4 degrees Aquarius, and is referred to as “the star of symphony”. This star can bring public recognition, and enhance talents of dance and music. Dhanishta deepens the quality of the previous nakshatra, Shravana, which is referred to as “the star of listening” and symbolized by an ear. Dhanishta is symbolized by a drum. Here we have the ear’s drum, which deepens the quality of listening to create more meaning, beauty, melody and harmony with nature and people. It creates deeper meaning in our relationships. All good relationships have a the quality of effective communication.
This all ties into the qualities from the Year of the Dog, who makes a loyal companion to friends, family, colleagues, and lovers. In 2018, we will experience themes of trust in our associations, as well as the ability to draw in true friends and reliable partners. Dog energy gives honesty and just actions, popularity in social circles, lends advice and help to others, and fixes bad habits or bad associations. 
Seeing as though we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Dhanishta Nakshatra following behind the Chinese New Year of the Dog, we can expect upgrades in our relations with others this year.
Namaste _/\_
SunGoddess Ashley

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