Vedic Astrology – 6 Week Series with Ashley

Discover the secrets of the stars through the art and science of Vedic Astrology! This is the oldest system of Astrology, and most accurate in terms of prediction. This ancient study incorporates Eastern philosophy regarding our karma, reincarnation, fate and destiny found within the larger tapestry of the night sky.

This six-week series will cover the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology: Grahas, Rasis, Bhavas, Drishtis and Nakshatras. These Sanskrit terms are commonly referred to in the Western world as: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects and Moon Signs; although the approach and understanding to these concepts are much different. These classes are designed to familiarize you with the important building blocks of Vedic Astrology.

*Each class will build upon the concepts of the previous class, therefore, the accumulated information will be best understood if all classes are attended. Participants are welcome to join in at any time during the series; however, the information from the prior class will not be repeated in order to give all the attendees the most comprehensive instruction.

**This class is not intended for making interpretations or predictions of individual charts. It is an introduction to the building blocks of the Vedic Astrology system.

Classes will be on Thursdays July 12th – August 16th from 7:30-9:30, taught by Ashley.  $28 per class; $3 discount for cash.  $123.00 for series if paid in full in advance ($3 discount for cash).

Check out the chart for the first day of class!

Ashley is a Vedic Astrologer who began her practice as a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) in Western Astrology, through the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) organization. She has been studying Astrology for about 15 years, and has experience as a practitioner and teacher within various local Astrology groups.



Retrogrades & The Seven of Swords Card – by Ashley

seven of swords tarot

In light of the current and upcoming planetary transits, I felt inspired to write about the seven of swords tarot card. I draw this card often when there is something that should be taken care of properly, but hasn’t. This is either because it needs to be addressed at a later time, or possibly because it should be avoided altogether. The figure in the card has five swords in his arms but has dropped two. I normally interpret this as “dropping the ball”, or consciously “trying to get away” with something he shouldn’t. There is innumerable ways to interpret this card, although, “thievery, deception, sneakiness, sloppiness, ill-intent, and unwanted escape are the main themes. Let’s explore some alternative views on how this card’s meaning can be applied.

Excluding the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto), three of the five planets that can go retrograde are now in their apparent backward motion: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Of course, the Sun & Moon never go retrograde, and Rahu/Ketu are always retrograde. Soon to be joining the retrograde party is Mercury on Thursday, July 26th. Although by then, Jupiter will have gone direct (on July 10th).

This seven of swords card has such retrogradey energy. The two dropped swords, which can be seen as a skipped step or a mistake, will need to be reconciled and corrected at some point. Retrogrades in general have a “do-over” energy, in order to right the wrongs or adjust the plan. Planets in retrograde have a more intense quality of to what that planet represents, that urges people to be more introspective and reflect on their plans and decisions. Maybe this is where we could see a possibility of the thief’s conscience come into play in this card. In order to make corrections to a new plan of action or a new strategy to be implemented, awareness must first come into play. It’s much easier, rather, lazier to want to hastily move forward, but that skipped step will sooner or later come back to haunt him because of a little thing called karma. Justice has a natural reckoning equally proportionate to the crime or trespass committed.

What goes up, must come down. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This card appearing is a warning. Actually, it is a sign of grace that there is still time to make corrections to be thorough, accountable and responsible for our actions. Free will is a blessing. We get to make decisions. The two swords behind him signifies a choice. The two of swords card literally means “choices”. Do I decide to do this, or that? This card indicates that there is still time to adjust our actions and reconsider our choices, just as the planets are allowing now. With these retrogrades, we may even feel a more acute pressure to correct our course. Right now, we can either ignore what obviously needs to be done by a slew of excuses, just to have to account for them later, or we can use the energy given to us to make the extra effort to backtrack a little, reassess, reevaluate and choose a different fate.



Namaste _/\_

SunGoddess Ashley

Spring Cleaning by Ashley

forest scene representing mercury retrogradeMercury goes retrograde 3 times per year. We are now midway through the first retrograde cycle of 2018. This distinguishes a time where the logic of Mercury that is bestowed upon us is confused, and maybe short-fused. Mercury is also burned within the rays of the Sun from the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces, where Mercury is debilitated. Sounds bad, right? Maybe, Not necessarily.

Mercury retrograde has become a popular cultural colloquialism, and seems to receive a bad reputation. Is it all bad? No. Is it all good? No. Is it deserving of this bad reputation? Yes and no. Everything that happens in life under the sun is neutral, and depends on whether it is productive for what you are trying to accomplish on a personal, soul-level. Not everyone is trying to accomplish the same thing. If we are using the type of planetary energy for our benefit that is available to us at this moment, we become the co-creators. If we are not using the planetary energy available to us at this passing moment in time, we become a victim of circumstance. Everything is either productive or not productive to our larger goal, and it’s not to be judged as “good or bad”. It depends on awareness from understanding. When people are knowledgeable of the astrological energies at play, they have the opportunity to use it productively, instead of be used by it and complain accordingly.

Yes, there are inconveniences birthed from miscommunications, but it is not the end of the world when Mercury goes retrograde. Some classic “negative” mercury retrograde definitions are : mis-take, mis-understanding, mis-communication, mis-information and mis-interpretations. “Negative” transits are anything which is unproductive, which is why Mercury retrograde is seen as “bad”.  I understand.  Who wants to do something over and over that could’ve been done once, correctly? That’s annoying.

Seasoned astrologers dismiss this transit, because it is not cataclysmic. However, playing devil’s advocate, we are in the age of technology, so “minor inconveniences” can be major game-changers. One, it depends to what degree a person relies on modern convenience of technology. And two, it depends to what degree a person has faith of “what is truly in my best interest, shall be”. So how much do you rely on your cell phone? Your bank card? Your computer? Transportation? Going to the extreme scenario, if you didn’t have these things in our modern age, would you be able to house yourself? Feed yourself? There doesn’t seem to be another alternative system in place – such as sending a messenger on horseback to deliver a hand-written letter instead of an email or text… Or having the skill to make your own shoes to trade for someone else’s bundle of produce. Just food for thought. We do rely on modern convenience and technology. The disruption of communication and inter-exchange will give Mercury retrograde a stigma to receive groans and eye-rolls when the term is uttered. But it raises bigger questions of, “How resourceful are you? How easy going can you be? How much patience do you have? How much faith do you have that everything will work out when it is supposed to, and if it doesn’t, then it wasn’t for your highest good?”

There is irony however, in that productivity can arise from unproductive circumstances. As such, we now have more awareness on what needs to be worked on, or avoided. Mercury retrograde can produce things that are amiss. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde is also a time of anything to do with “RE”. Re-establish, renew, revise, revisit, rewind, refresh, return, re-create, re-enact, reverse, retrieve, and remember.

On the 15th of April, Mercury stations direct at 10 degrees in its debilitated position within Pisces at 2:21am PST. This is the point where Mercury changes directions, and the energy begins to normalize as it begins forward motion. Until then, what to do? Mercury doesn’t think logically in Pisces, because it is an abstract sign. It especially doesn’t think logically in retrograde. And even more so, it doesn’t think logically when in exact conjunction with the Sun (on Easter Sunday, the 1st of April, 2018). The solution is to do things that don’t require too much concentrated thinking. Reflection is key. Curved, rather than linear lines. Pictures and images, rather than words. There are now fertile grounds for imagination, fantasy and creativity. Instead of speaking and talking, listen. Instead of assuming or filling in blanks, ask, “did you mean?…”. Less talk, more action. Less thought, more feeling.

Other more-embodied activities could be to exercise, build something or do manual labor, make art, music, dance etc.  You can check off your “to-do” list, because you can now accomplish a lot when it comes to pre-existing or pending projects that will produce tangible results and completion at this time. What are the things that need culmination and clearing in your life? Out with the old. People, places, things, feelings and attachments from the past taking up precious real-estate in your mind, heart, or physical space need to go. Let’s not wait for closure that may or may not come. Instead, create your own closure and complete whatever needs to find resolution.

For many of us, this particular mercury retrograde will allow for clearing out the old clutter as we have just emerged from the Winter season into Spring. Simplify your space for better functioning internally and externally. Rolling up your sleeves and doing a little Spring cleaning may be a perfect way to use this mercury retrograde.

Namaste _/\_

SunGoddess Ashley


*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity, but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

Stormy Weather: Navigating Difficult Celestial Alignments by Ashley

slow down sign representing navigating difficult celestial alignments

There is a special type of reading that I can provide as a Vedic Astrologer, which is the “difficult weeks of the year report”. This chart reading features transits to your personal planets that show inauspicious periods in your life. Not only can this be interpreted for individual charts, but separately, it can also be felt collectively when we have challenging celestial alignments in the sky. There is such an event upon us that you may want to take into consideration as we operate as usual, under unusual vibrations.

There is a slow build of energy that you may have already begun to notice seeping in. Approaching, we have an exact Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 1, 2018 – and it’s not April fools. It also happens to be the same day retrograde Mercury is combust the Sun at 17 degrees Pisces in Revati Nakshatra. All logic from Mercury is burned within the rays of the Sun from this conjunction in Pisces, the sign where Mercury is debilitated, compounded by the fact it Mercury will be retrograde. These three aspects create confusion, delusion, and illusion. Tensions rising from the slow burn of Mars pushing into Saturn reach a breaking point when these two malefics come together at 14 degrees Sagittarius in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra. This has potential to be a legitimately destructive force. Mars is the blazing hot warrior who ends up slamming into the boundary of Saturn’s icy, concrete wall. Such is life. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Some things must come to a culminating end, and we are all feeling this effect emerging right about now.

What does it mean that we have two exact conjunctions on the same day? And both “inauspicious” at that? Well. Of course with any mercury retrograde we replay the classics: mis-understanding, mis-communication, mis-information and mis-interpretations galore. The exact conjunction of this retrograde Mercury to the Sun means that it is most potent. On top of that, this aspect is being influenced by the anger, irritation, and impatience of Mars, exactly aligned with the realistic and fair consequences of Saturn from any erratic impulse to action.

So what to do? Nothing. Don’t respond. Don’t react. Walk away, courteously decline to engage with tact and grace.  People will be edgy during this build up to the 1st of April. Be as understanding and patient as possible, put off major decisions that could have undesirable consequences. The fact that this aspect is unpredictable enough is compounded by being backed up with irrational thought, assumptions, opinions, and hair-trigger decisions and reactions. Avoid arguments. Be hardcore polite. State your point once, kindly, softly, and slowly. Go within. People are apt to misunderstand each other and be reactive during these difficult weeks of the year. Probably the most challenging part is in efforts to “fix” the issue at hand by further explaining etc., as pushing for an amicable resolution somehow seems to further unravel things. The solution is to wait for this transit to pass before taking any rash action, refrain from forming hard opinions on assumptions that probably will be regretted later.

When does this energy pass? From the point where strain energy is released, it will wane at different rates depending on whether it has been a “broad stroke” issue, or an “immediate issue”. The recovery period is usually equal to the length of time the issue started to become an issue. Collectively, it will generally take about 2 weeks for the dust will settle. On the 15th of April, Mercury stations direct at 10 degrees Pisces at 2:21am PST. This is the pivot point of the energy beginning to change. By the 15th, Mars will have already beyond the exact conjunction of Saturn, and on the 17th, Saturn then goes retrograde, echoing the pivot point of Mercury’s change in direction.

This is a big time for “breakthroughs”, but knowing how to use these energies will best help you instead of set you back. Instead engaging in debates or arguments or back and forth discussions that go no where, or composing a lengthy text thread: journal, read a book, listen to inspiring music, use your imagination to create art, or food etc.  Instead of making sudden decisions and actions out of fear, pressure, worry, feelings of limitation: exercise, build something, do manual labor, reorganize your living area, check off your “to-do” list, because it is most likely that you can accomplish a lot when it comes to existing or pending projects that will produce tangible results at this time.  Be gracious for other people’s road-rage, and don’t take anything personally. Instead of participating in circumstances that would be destructive, find constructive ways to use your time (independently is advised).

Mid-March to Mid-April looks like a good time to tread graciously and not only reflect, but also act on anything that would improve YOUR life without getting too involved in the drama, issues, opinions of others in order to avoid any misunderstandings that could potentially have undesired and unintended consequences. Less is more. This is especially true under this astrological influence. There is a saying that goes something like, “If something bad is happening, just wait, and it will pass. If something good is happening, just wait, and it will pass”. Everything eventually comes to pass.

Namaste _/\_

SunGoddess Ashley

*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity, but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

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