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Healing Sessions

Integrative magickal and energetic table sessions with Scott K Smith blend a multi-energetic discipline approach to healing. Combining energy therapies, occult and other magickal practices such as the laying on of hands, stones, smoke, chant, guided visualization, in a professionally held space to allow for Spirit into body and being.
Sessions may include one or some of the following. Please note that all sessions start with intake and intention (I can provide form):
  1. Energetic healing disciplines
  2. Rocking, gentle holds, and soft touch or “laying on of hands” (not massage)
  3. Use of stones, plants, and other earth medicines
  4. Guided touch by spirit allies
  5. Guided visualization, breathwork, and recommended follow up exercises.
50 minutes: $80.00
90 minutes: $110.00

Please note that integrative, therapeutic massage services cannot be performed at The Green Man Store.
Scott also provides psychic and intuitive consultation in the form of channeling and the tarot. Often these reads are part of the healing process, and featured in the 90 minute Session. Scott has been a working reader for several decades and provides council on projects, healing, life direction, goals, dreams, and soul-growth. Readings can be paired with Reiki and Energy Arts, or as stand alone experiences to help navigate the world.
The Tarot is a powerful mirror of the soul and our progression through life, relationships, and change. Combining the tarot with Channeling we blend guidance from Spirit(s) and navigational pointers, challenges, courses, given with directional intention to succeed, find our way through, and see ourselves in relation to our experience.
30 minutes: $50.00
45 minutes: $65.00
60 minutes: $80.00
(These readings are done in person only.)

About Scott

I am a body and energy therapist, specializing in personal health and transformation through ancient and modern practices. I have many clients who are committed to wellness and personal transformation in the methods I structure and apply such as, meditation, journaling, wellness routines, energy work, therapeutic massage, and earth based techniques.
I have 20+ years of experience in holding space, energetic healing disciplines, and circle-craft. I am licensed with the California Massage Therapy Council, insured through the American Massage Therapy Association, and Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft. I have worked in and around the SoCal area for the last 15 years on many folks. My clients include actors, directors, psychiatrists, singer-songwriters, healing-practitioners, dancers, construction workers, neighbors, family, and good ol’ working every day folk.
Health is your birthright, I offer healing spaces for everyone to have the opportunity to reclaim that.

I love my work. It is my life, livelihood, and desired path in life. For more information visit
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