Gretchen has been reading tarot for close to a decade (if we’re talking earth years here). Her readings are always focused on positivity and finding healthy ways for her clients to grow from their individual life experiences while throwing in a dose of humor and levity. Gretchen has read tarot in Salem, Massachusetts as part of the town’s annual Halloween Psychic Fair, as well as having her own private and corporate clients in NYC including Lord & Taylor, the McKittrick Hotel, and many, many parties involving drag queens.
A practicing spiritualist, Gretchen has studied under Salem high priestess Sandra Mariah Wright, Bronx high priestess of the Winoan sisterhood Lady Rhea, as well as private studies in Buddhism, Hoodoo, Pagan practices, and Christianity. She pulls from universal love energy as her intuitive guide and encourages people from all spiritual paths to reap the benefits of the tarot.
Gretchen also is well-versed in powers of manifestation and bringing tangible experiences into the physical world from the dream state. She works one-on-one with clients in aiding their own powers of manifesting and acts as a spiritual coach to help see projects through to fruition and their fullest potential.
Gretchen’s rates are:
15 minutes: $35 in person; $40 by phone or Skype
30 minutes: $50 in person; $55 by phone or Skype
45 minutes: $65 in person; $70 by phone or Skype
60 minutes: $80 in person; $85 by phone or Skype
  • We are legally required to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.
  • If you are not satisfied with your practitioner please speak up within the first five minutes for a full refund.
  • No refunds given after five minutes.
Appointment times listed are in each customer’s local time zone.

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