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Carrie-Anne Hartley has been a Medium for twenty-five years; her four Spirit Guardians provide information and advice clients need in addition to relaying messages from loved ones who have passed. She has been blessed with 4 unique abilities:

  • Clairaudient: ability to hear voices and sound
  • Clairvoyant: ability to see visions from the other side
  • Clairsentient: ability to sense deceased love ones’ emotion
  • Claircognizant: ability to perceive past and future events

The Spirit Guardians are Carrie-Anne’s communication team from the other side. They bring focus, clarity, guidance and closure to those in need through their healing messages.

Carrie-Anne and The Spirit Guardians have saved lives, located missing persons and given many the strength and direction to make decisions for a better, more rewarding life.

Carrie-Anne’s most notable work has been witnessed when helping police with missing persons and homicide investigations. If you or anyone you know needs help with a missing child, please contact Carrie-Anne immediately; she would be honored to work with you.

New Client Special


15 minutes: $35 in person; $40 by phone
30 minutes: $50 in person; $55 by phone
45 minutes: $65 in person; $70 by phone
60 minutes: $80 in person; $85 by phone


30 minutes: $60 in person; $65 by phone
60 minutes: $120 in person; $125 by phone

Existing Clientele

Set Pricing

Saturday 11-7
Tuesday  3-7
Thursday 11-3



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