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Intuition is an inborn trait that every human being has from birth. It’s an inner “knowing” designed to alert, illuminate and protect us. Intuition is the innate ability to comprehend and assess a situation immediately, without the intervention of conscious reasoning. Everyone has intuition whether they think they do or not… but many of us have been societally conditioned since a very young age to discount it.

The reason many people believe that they don’t have intuitive abilities is simply because modern society has taught us to ignore these feelings. But any time you have a “hunch” or “trust your gut”, that’s your intuition rearing it’s head. Intuition works from the right side of the brain by using feelings, pictures and symbols to communicate. Always trust your instinct, it has no ego and no reason to lie!

There is some general confusion about intuition and extrasensory perception. Psychics- at least in the legitimate sense of the word- are those who are gifted with senses that bypasses average human awareness by leaps and bounds. For example, a person who is clairvoyant receives messages from spirit through visions, enabling them to see into a situation (in present or future time) almost as though they were watching a film. Clairaudience works in much the same way, but in auditory- as opposed to visual- messages, in other words, the psychic hears the message as opposed to seeing it.

The intuition that we all share is the faint whisper of our own inner voices. For example, it’s that nagging feeling you get when something isn’t a hundred percent on the level. You might get goose bumps when you’re scared because intuition often functions as an interior warning that you’re in danger. It can also surface in positive ways, manifesting as sound business decisions, smart choices, or anticipating the wants and needs of another person.

Here are some tips to help you get your natural intuition up to speed:

1. Listen to your body and notice how it responds to different people and situations. Don’t discount your physical reactions, whether they’re negative or positive.

2. Be still. Hearing your higher voice is easiest when it’s quiet. Spend some time in meditation every day to enhance your connection.

3. Keep a dream journal. The conscious mind is very active, making it hard to hear the messages your intuition is sending. During sleep, your subconscious mind takes over, allowing your inner voice a chance to speak…and be heard.

4. Identify and listen to your feelings. We are always over-thinking, constantly analyzing; but intuition works off emotion. Learning to trust our gut instincts on the spot, right as they happen, without extensive evaluation is key to trusting your intuition.

5. Any sort of divination will help your intuition to bloom, from Tarot, Lernormand or oracle cards, runes, tea leaves, a pendulum- whatever you like to use or want to try. Practice scrying into a bowl of water, a mirror or a crystal ball- even a small one will do. When you get ready to read any sort of cards, have a look at them and don’t even think of what the keywords or accepted interpretation are supposed to be. Go only off the images and the impressions you’re getting from them. Just like your muscles, the more you exercise your inner voice, the stronger it will get. Trust the process and try not to second-guess yourself.

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